Shelly Gitlow

Dispatches from Paradise

Told from each one’s perspective, Dispatches from Paradise is the story of three generations of women living together in Miami—where sex IS the city, DD cups abound, ninety-year-old women recite erotic poetry, and an S&M Aerobics class is not for the fainthearted.

This edgy, contemporary novel is written in the distinct voices of Claudette (55), the over-sexed, self-absorbed grandmother who’s searching for her next partner/meal ticket, Liz (39), her determined daughter who pulls the plug on her marriage and quits her job so she can reboot her life, and Darcy (18), Liz’s beautiful, reckless daughter who’s realizing that she might also have a brain and be a lesbian.

From page one, this fast-paced story leaps onto the family’s battlefield, exploring the dynamics of the women’s relationships as they tear through Miami’s racy clubs and wild art scene. As the women are forced to confront past misunderstandings, disappointments and betrayals, they change, grow, and reconnect on new terms.

“I couldn’t stand my cheating husband and that soul-sucking bank job for one more nanosecond, so I declared my life a do-over and took action. Richard was shocked, but (surprise!) he moved in with his bimbo. And my co-workers freaked when I walked out, flinging my pantyhose over my shoulder like a bride’s bouquet. But with my daughter Darcy (a former drug user) away at college, I was about to fulfill my fantasies of opening an art gallery and learning to kayak. Then all hell broke loose. My nymphomaniac mother manipulated me into letting her move in, and Darcy quit school and came back home. How am I going to handle the drugs, the sex, and (worst of all), the telling me how to live my life?”

“What a day! First Liz called and interrupted me while I was doing Alphonse. Then he keeled over and croaked, and his heinous children kicked me out on the street. I practically had to get on my knees and beg my daughter to let me stay with her. She detests me because I have a sex life, but that’s who I am, and I’m not changing. Talk about cramping a gal’s style. How am I going to have any fun with her around?”

“OMFG. When I went to class and saw my Hotties Gone Wild video playing, I knew it was time to haul ass out of that stupid college. The only place I could go was home, which seriously sucks. My mom kicked my dad out, not that I blame her, cuz he’s a total dog. But the crappy thing is that she’s positive I’m still using, so she’ll be all up in my business. Grandma’s here, which is way cool cuz she’ll help me get into modeling. And as soon as I have the bucks, I am so out of here.”